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Toledo: escape from Madrid #3

4 Sealinthefog Toledo Spain

And here comes the last post on our one-day escape from Madrid (check the ones on El Escorial and on Segovia). It’s the turn of Toledo, with its past character of crossroads of religions. Continue reading

Discovering the North: Route 90 Pt. II

21 Sealinthefog Discovering the North - Route 90 Pt II And here comes the second part of our northern trip, in which we went from the Sea of Galilee back to Jerusalem (check out the first part here). Continue reading

The northern coast of Israel

1 Sealinthefog Caesarea Haifa Acre Israel

We had various family visits here in Jerusalem, so of course we tried to take our guests to the most important parts of the country. Since my mom and sister stayed 10 days we organized a quick trip of a couple of days to the northern coast and we visited Caesarea, Haifa and Acre. Continue reading

A day in Bethlehem

4 Sealinthefog Bethlehem Palestine

Since moving to Jerusalem in February we have visited Bethlehem a couple of times (I had already visited the city in my other trips to Israel and Palestine, but for Matteo this was the first time). It is really quick and easy to get there from Jerusalem and we think it is worth it for various reasons. Continue reading