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Stefi and her friends around the world

18 Sealinthefog Eureka Tower Melb 2015

After almost two weeks of disappearance we are back again! We have been busy with work and life… So today to cheer everybody up here comes a funny post. Continue reading

The new experience Down Under

1 Sealinthefog The New Experience Down Under

We are really sorry for the disappearance, but our last month has been quite intense. We moved again!

And this time the move was big: all the way to Australia.

Continue reading

Our Jerusalemite experience has come to the end

13 Sealinthefog Our Jerusalemite Experience Has Come To the End

Yes, you got it right: we’re back in Italy. Almost three weeks ago we said goodbye Jerusalem and hi Italy. Continue reading

After one month….

1 sealinthefog jerusalem

After one month of disappearance I’m back to Sealinthefog. We’ve been a little busy lately. When I last shared something on the blog, it was just after the Christmas holidays. And after that… Continue reading