Stefi and her friends around the world

18 Sealinthefog Eureka Tower Melb 2015

After almost two weeks of disappearance we are back again! We have been busy with work and life… So today to cheer everybody up here comes a funny post.

1 Sealinthefog San Francisco 2008

No, it is not a series of pictures with human friends: as you might have noticed all the photos depict me and some tourist binoculars. It all started with the picture above. Matteo and I were on a trip with my family: we were travelling through part of California and Nevada. We were visiting San Francisco, one of the best cities in the world, and while enjoying the view from the Coit Tower, I started fooling around and pretending to be talking to the binoculars. They looked a face!

And my adventure around the world began… Whenever and wherever (not in many of the places we have visited so far, unluckily) I find some binoculars I have to take a picture: from classic to more modern and technological I have a passion for my non-human friends!

2 Sealinthefog San Francisco 2008

Colt Tower, San Francisco, 2008.

3 Sealinthefog NY Empire 2010

4 Sealinthefog NY Empire 2010

Empire State Building, New York, 2010

5 Sealinthefog Israel 2011

6 Sealinthefog Israel 2011

Israel, 2011

7 Sealinthefog Sicily 2013

Erice, Sicily, Italy, 2013

8 Sealinthefog Rosh Pina 2014 9 Sealinthefog Rosh Pina 2014

Rosh Pina, Israel, 2014

10 Sealinthefog Antwerp 2014 11 Sealinthefog Antwerp 2014

Antwerp, Belgium, 2014

12 Sealinthefog Bruxelles 2014 13 Sealinthefog Bruxelles 2014 Bruxelles, Belgium, 2014

14 Sealinthefog Phillip Island 2015 15 Sealinthefog Phillip Island 2015

Nobbies Centre, Phillip Island, Australia, 2015

17 Sealinthefog Eureka Tower Melb 2015

16 Sealinthefog Eureka Tower Melb 2015

Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Australia, 2015

And my friendship story will of course continue….

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