blogiversary #2

Sealinthefog_2015Oh yes, you read that right: it’s the second anniversary of this tiny blog!
And guess what… it’s also post number 100!!!

We didn’t plan it, it just happen: it must be a sign.

On our first blogiversary we gave a complete fresh look to our blog. This time nothing is going to change on this side. We have quite enough going on in our lives.

As you know in the last we have been all over the place: we travelled a lot and still are.

We moved from Padova to Jerusalem and lived there for about five months. We visited a lot of place in Israel and Palestine, and a bit of Jordan: in each place we found something new, something exiting, something amazing; each of them gave us a piece of itself and we try and cherish each memory and lesson we have learned so far.

We left Jerusalem because of the stressful situation we were living and went back to Italy. There we stayed with our families and enjoyed every moment. We also did a lot of DIY: from making from scratch an iron steel gate, to updating various pieces of furniture, like a thrifted bedside cabinet or a media console.

And in the middle of all that painting and creating, we decided to move again: in November we took a 21-hours flight and found ourselves to the opposite side of the world. And Melbourne is what we call home right now and we have to admit: we are in love!

We haven’t shared much about our lives here, but we plan on doing it as soon as possible, or as soon as we find some time to organise our photos and write a proper post. So for now check our instagram page or find the hashtag #sealinthefog and you’ll see what we’ve been up to. Cheers mates!

P.s: thanks to Zac for this wonderful picture!

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