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It’s been very long since we last shared a post on food. Although eating out, trying new-to-us cuisines and different food are some of our favorite things, another important aspect in our relationship with food involves the process of making a dish.

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Matteo was a cook for many years in Madrid and surely he learnt a lot in his experiences in professional kitchens. In any case, to me, his ability in the kitchen is striking: I enjoy watching him while he prepares all the necessary utensils and ingredients, cutting, chopping, using one or hundred of pans and pots, cooking, smelling, adding, tasting. It’s like a dance developing and changing in front of my eyes.

I have to confess that I am quite jealous: I’m a total mess in the kitchen, I usually forget adding salt and most probably I burn at least the bottom of the pot. So my role is usually the kitchen hand: I wash ingredients, plates and utensils and have everything ready for when it’s needed.

Anyway apart from this little confession on my total incompetence (yes, I do not correspond at all at the typical Italian woman stereotype!), here comes a little and quick recipe that for once requires no cooking: those of you who feel inadequate just as much as I do, should give this one a try…

A delicious guacamole!

1 Sealinthefog Guacamole


3 medium-size ripe avocados (soft but not brown/black, thus not oxidised)
2 tomatoes
1/2 golden onion
1 or 2 jalapeños
2 limes
salt and pepper (not pictured)

3 Sealinthefog Guacamole


cutting board
a bowl
a spoon


Chop the onion and the tomatoes.
Add to these the pulp of the avocados.
Mix well, while mashing the avocados.

Mince some jalapeño and add as much as you like. Be careful with this ingredient since the hotness varies from fruit to fruit, so I would suggest to add a bit at a time until you reach the desired flavour.

Add salt and pepper and the juice of the 2 limes. Mix again.
You’re done!

You can easily modify this recipe to your tastes: we prefer the guacamole to be crunchy, but you can mince all the ingredients to a smaller size and obtain a more pure-like sauce. You should also add some finely-chopped fresh coriander. We couldn’t find when preparing this recipe, so we added some dehydrated coriander, but trust me, it’s not the same!

Cover the guacamole bowl with some cellophane and store it in the fridge until serving. Of course I love it with corn tortilla, but most of the times I could just eat a full bowl with a spoon…

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