Williamstown and its views

1 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

Three months have passed since we left Italy again and landed in Melbourne. Apart from this post describing our first weeks in the city, we haven’t shared much about our lives here.

Three months have passed, and if I look back I have many feelings and thoughts.

3 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

At times I feel as if these months were way too quick: we moved, we found a house; we celebrated Christmas, New Year and my birthday; Matteo found a job as mechanic (actually a couple) and I have recently started to work in a restaurant (and soon I will begin a second job and looking forward to it).

Other times everything seemed so slow. The search for a house was never-ending. I am getting old: going for my thirties now! Christmas and New Year were a happy and sad period: we are at the other side of the globe, and it was the first time spending the holidays without our families, but the heath was a nice change and we had some really cool time with old and new friends. The job search has been quite hard and stressful for me, but that’s for another post…

Our feelings about Melbourne are still positive. The city is nice and there are a lot of possibilities. Although we still don’t know how long we are going to stay here (which isn’t an easy situation at times) we are trying to enjoy our time as much as possible and at the same time we are starting to re-creating our routines.

4 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

And of course exploring the area is a must-do for us! One of the places we visited is Williamstown.

Before moving to our cute house, after our first ten Australian days with Zac and Ellen, we stayed at some friends’. We have known these guys for long now, since they are also from Padova, Matteo’s hometown, and when we needed a roof for a few days they opened their Newport house to us. While staying at their place we took some long walks in the area.

5 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia 6 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

On a cloudy morning we headed to the small town of Williamstown. The walk to the town was really interesting: beautiful green areas, some old manufacture plants and many mechanic workshops, a cemetery, the railway lines. We reached the town centre, which is very cute: it has a really nice promenade along the coast, next to the piers from which one can take cruises on the Yarra River and the bay, and some old buildings, that reflect the original importance of the area as first port of Melbourne.

7 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

2 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

We had a nice stroll along the eastern shoreline, breathed some fresh air, absorbed as much Vitamin D as possible, since the sun came out while we were there, and enjoyed the view of our new yet-to-be-discovered city. We also had our first fish&chips at the Top of the Bay: delicious!

8 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia 9 Sealinthefog Williamstown Victoria Australia

P.s: there are some horrible tanks of a manufacture plant on the coast that completely ruin the view of the CBD. In the same area there is an old pub that is going to be demolished. Matteo found this very interesting article on the opposition to its demolition.

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