A chandelier makeover in black

1 sealinthefog brass lamp

You might remember that while we were living in Padova we updated a brass chandelier with a bright coat of blue spray paint. Well, that was actually our second attempt of painting that sort of material.

We had tested our hand on another chandelier.

2 sealinthefog brass lamp

As you can see, that light fixture is quite similar to the blue one, it just has smaller but decorated arms. When we found it at a local thrift store, I thought it was really cute.

We were a bit scared of the possible result: would the color resist? Would we be able to spray paint it properly or would we end up with a huge amount of drops, given its rounded shapes?

3 sealinthefog brass lamp 4 sealinthefog brass lamp

We basically followed the same steps as in the other chandelier: disassemble, check wires, prime and paint.

The only big difference was that we spray painted it disassembled: the arms accommodate the wires in their upper part, in a sort of u-shape groove (you can get an idea in the first picture, on the left arm “facing” the camera). So applying paint with the fixture assembled and all wired up, would have caused a bit of a mess.

After a good drying and curing time I reassembled everything, adding some screw terminals.

5 sealinthefog brass lamp 6 sealinthefog brass lamp

Looking at the result I was really happy: I think it came out pretty well. I like the fact that the matte black combines and at the same time contrast with the classical style of the fixture.

7 sealinthefog brass lamp

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