The Red Palma bike

1 Sealinthefog Palma red bike vintage

Do you remember the many bikes Matteo updated more than one year ago while we were living in Padova? [check our wheels section on this page]

Well there is a couple more that we didn’t have time to share. So excuse our delay but here comes the first of two bicycles.

2 Sealinthefog Palma red bike vintage

We bought this green bike from the brand Palma at a secondhand shop. It was in fairly good condition. It had some rust on the chain wheel and the color was chipping off in various points.

We didn’t want to spend too much money on it, since we knew we were going to sell it: we were leaving for Jerusalem just a month after and the bike had been lying around for ages until we decided to do something of it.

3 Sealinthefog Palma red bike vintage

Matteo disassembled it completely. We loved the chrome parts, especially since we soon realised that the entire top tube was still shining under the green paint. With a soft steel sponge Matteo made all these parts come to live with a light scrubbing.

He also spent a good amount of time sanding the rest, but finally the frame and change cover were ready for a paint job.

Bright red was the perfect color: it fit perfectly with the chrome and with the original brand logo.

4 Sealinthefog Palma red bike vintage

He taped the parts that hadn’t to be painted and sprayed to thin layers of red. Once everything had dried up, he took the tape off and reassemble the bike, changing the brakes and the brake wires. I clean the wheels and we substituted the inner tubes.

Since we thought it would be a great bike for a student, Matteo added a back wire basket to make it more comfortable. And he also replaced the original rusty chainwheel with a funky one from another bike. Because of its cool shape it was a great addition, so he had to leave it visible without reinserting the rounded cover.

5 Sealinthefog Palma red bike vintage

P.s: we didn’t add lights since the original ones work with an old-school dynamo. We just left the front stand since one can still attach there a more modern battery-powered light.

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