Flea marketing in Bruxelles

1 Flea Marketing Bruxelles

Our friends know us very well and when they suggested to visit the best flea market in Bruxelles during our stay there [check our visit of the city here], they imagined our reaction: we were trilled! 

2 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 3 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 4 Flea Marketing Bruxelles

So on Saturday morning we headed to the neighbourhood of Marolles. The entire area is filled with shops that sell any kind of vintage object, clothing, motorcycles, old signs, antique windows.

But the fulcrum is the Place du Jeu-de-Balle, where you can find the most famous flea market of Bruxelles.

In the stalls, most of which are just blankets or boxes lied on the ground, one can find anything, from secondhand electronics, to vintage objects, or old paintings and collectors comics and magazines.

5 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 6 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 7 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 8 Flea Marketing Bruxelles

There were so many things that I just wanted one of each…

There were some gorgeous chairs and a couple of old pieces of furnitures that were great, but of course we had to limit ourselves. So Matteo found a couple of vinyls to add to his collection, and we helped our friend bargain for the prettiest accordion-style wooden sewing storage box.

9 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 10 Flea Marketing Bruxelles

But the city had another surprise for us. Remember what my friend and I were up to in the last picture of our previous post?

Well, we were ‘rummaging’ in search for the perfect vintage press type!

Just as we found by chance Folklorissimo, not far from the festival, along Rue de Flandre, we also bumped into another flea market. Despite the coming-and-going rain the street was filled with old glassware, designer objects from the 50’s and 60’s, secondhand junk and people of every kind.

And thus Bruxelles gave us an incredible last day to remember from our short trip!

11 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 12 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 13 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 14 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 15 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 16 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 17 Flea Marketing Bruxelles 18 Flea Marketing Bruxelles

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