Nordic spa sink cabinet

2 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

Matteo’s dad has been restoring part his house during the summer. It is an old stone house in the hillside of Padova, really close and in the same style as the place where we got married. One of the things he was renovating was the bathroom. He was going to reuse the old bathroom fixture, since they were just few years old, including an above-counter sink.

1 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

Some years ago he had a cabinet professionally made, to which the plumber had very securely attached the sink. Un-glueing it was absolutely impossible, without breaking the sink. But Matteo’s dad didn’t like the cabinet and its intense almost electric blue. So we had a proposal: painting it and then deciding whether to keep it or change the cabinet and sink all together.

So it was up to us of making it pretty! We discussed with him about the color options he preferred. He imagined a sort of nordic spa atmosphere, with a wall of old stones behind the sink and two tones beige tiles on the floor and other walls of the bathroom. So we suggested some wooden furniture and a light green for the cabinet.

We had to begin by preparing the surface. Matteo started by disassembling the cabinet door, the hinges and the inner shelf. Then passed to protecting the sink with tape and some old newspaper. He sanded the entire cabinet. He used some low grit sanding paper, just to make it smooth and enable the primer to adhere better.

3 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

It was time for the primer. We used a new one, that is especially made for metals or non-solid wood. It is a very think material that we applied with a brush in the corners and with a roll on the flat surfaces. To tell you the truth the result was not exactly what we had expected. We used it in a couple of other diy projects we are going to share with you, hopefully in the near future, and in one of them we had a half-way diy fail. It might just be that we used it in a wrong way, but we actually didn’t like it.

The problem actually came up when it was time of lightly sanding the primer before applying the color. What happen was that the primer started to peel off, although we had given it a couple of day drying time.

4 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

5  Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet 6 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

But we didn’t give up and sanded it till obtaining a smooth finish. We decided to paint the cabinet in two colors: the outside in light green, as Matteo’s dad wanted, and the inside in grey, just to give him a little surprise. As you can see we are total fun of Max Meyer colors, they are just perfect: easy to apply and with a great finish!

So of course we started with the inside. We taped the outer edges and applied one coat of paint, after which we just did some minor touch ups since Max Meyer Smoky Grey is a very covering color (it’s the same shade we used on our DJ console).

7 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet 8 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

10 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

Once the inside had dried really well, we taped the inner edge and it was finally time for the green! We had the color made at our local improvement store. It was again a Max Meyer one, Basil Green. We applied two thin coats. Once dried Matteo reassembled it and I passed the surface with some natural beeswax that hydrates and protects the color from chipping and staining with the use.

And the result?! You tell me!

9 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet 11 Sealinthefog Nordic spa sink cabinet

p.s: as you can see in one of the pictures, we just applied one coat of paint to the back of the cabinet, since it’s mounted to the wall. We also left a little blue part just to remember how it was originally!

p.p.s: sorry for the last horrible picture, but the renovation was not done when we moved to Melbourne. so Matte’s dad just took this picture with his phone and sent it to us. In real life the surface and color are smooth, I promise!

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