Wooden toy furniture

4 Sealinthefog Wood Toy FurnitureChristmas is almost here!

So I thought it was time to share a quick diy I actually did last year. It’s the perfect present for a little girl!

1 Sealinthefog Wood Toy FurnitureI found two pieces of wooden toy-furniture. Well, I actually think they are two examples of handicraft from the mountains of my region, more than toy-furniture. They are made with nice wood and they are full of details. They were going to be trown away and I just couldn’t stand it.

The cupboard was perfect and the kitchen tray needed a little glue in the legs, but nothing more.

2 Sealinthefog Wood Toy Furniture

I wanted to make them even cuter and suitable for a future playhouse for my cousin’s daughter.

I picked to bright colors I had in hand: white for the exterior part of the cupboard and light blue for the shelves and the island. I did a couple of very thin coats with a little brush so that the paint would adhere well and would be resistant for long playtime.

3 Sealinthefog Wood Toy Furniture

They came out exactly how I had expected and hopefully when their little owner will be old enough she’ll fill them with tiny play-dishes, pans and pots!

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