Vintage chairs

C Sealinthefog Chairs

And here comes (finally) another post on our vintage finds!
And yes, you’ll notice I have a problem with chair…

I love combining different styles of chairs to a classic or minimal table (or an ugly one!), even in different colors. We had these surrounding our huge round table in Padova. They were not perfect together, but when we found them at various thrift stores we just had to bring them home.

D Sealinthefog Chairs

This yellow-earth stuffed chair is absolutely the best find, it was love at first sight!
The shape, the leather, the color, everything. Once home I gave it a good clean: a light scrub with a humid cloth and neutral soap. This not only cleaned it but also brought its beautiful ochre back!

A Sealinthefog Chairs

The second find was this brown and metal office chair. It is a very common chair, but I thought it had potential and I liked it next to the stuffed one. And I love arm-rests at the table!
When we’ll have a house or at least a home for a bit longer (somewhere), I’d like to change the fake ruined leather with some nice and bright or patterned fabric.

B Sealinthefog ChairsAnd finally, our two school chairs. These are really simple but they were in really good conditions, and they reminded us of our school days, so of course we were sold!

P.s: while we are here in Australia, my beloved chairs are now stored in Matteo’s mum garage, just like all of ours things!

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