Segovia: escape from Madrid #2

15 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain

As we already announced in our previous post on El Escorial, here comes the second escape from Madrid. This time is the UNESCO World Heritage city of Segovia.

The city, just 90km from Madrid, is a beauty: the medieval monuments, the famous Alcazar, the surrounding mountains make it a perfect place to spend a relaxing day full of culture and nature.

1 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain

How to get there:

There two options of getting there by public transport from Madrid: bus or train.

Bus: from/to Paseo de la Florida, with the busses of La Sepulvedana, to the central station of Segovia- 1,30h – 6€

Train: from/to the station of Chamartin take one of the many high-speed trains AVE of Renfe, to the station of Segovia-Guiomar. The best and cheapest one is the AVANT – 30 min – 12,70€

In the Segovia, take a bus that will leave you directly in the old city centre.

2 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain

3 Sealinthefog Segovia SpainWhat to see and do:

The Roman Aqueduct: it is a stunning and amazing piece of engineering. Built by the Romans it is long 894 meters and high 28, with 163 arches. Your walk in the city will start from the bottom of this building, but remember to reach the top of the medieval ramparts that are the perfect observation point!

The Cathedral: it is a magnificent church, in typical gothic style, known for its dimension and its elegance as the “dame of the cathedrals”.

The old city: wander in the tiny streets of the old city, with its many churches, monasteries and convents, and shops of local crafts and products.

4 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain

5 Sealinthefog Segovia SpainThe Juderia: it was the old Jewish neighborhood of Segovia, that disappeared in the 15th century with the expulsions of the Jews. You can still take a walk in the area and take a little tour of the didactic centre, which was established in part of the house of Abaraham Seneor, one of the most important and respected citizens of his era.

The Alcazar: a fairytale castle in the best scenario of the city. From there, and especially from the top of the tower, you can enjoy an incredible view of the surrounding area, with the typical contrast of dark green trees and sunburnt beige ground.

Cochinillo asado and asado de cordero: if you eat and like meat you shouldn’t miss the traditional roast porker and roast lamb. I cannot suggest you any place, since we didn’t try it, but these two dishes are the local specialty, so I’m sure you can ask around for the right place to have them!

6 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 7 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 8 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 9 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 10 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 11 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 12 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 12a Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 13 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 14 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 16 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 17a Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 17b Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 18 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain 19 Sealinthefog Segovia Spain

P.s: stay tuned for our last post on the series “Escape from Madrid”.

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