DIY wood folding door

1 Green Door

Here comes a new DIY: a green wood folding door. We did it for my mom’s house: it closes a sort of closet placed under the stairs in her garden. So we wanted something light, that would fit well in the outdoors and especially that could be folded and take up little space.

2 Green Door

So the easiest solution was creating a 3-panels folding door. We first took the measurements of the opening and then went for a quick trip to a local hardware store. There we got some 35mm thick wood and had it cut in three. We also bought some black hinges and a door latch.

3 Green Door

Once home we first painted the wood with a couple of coats of green outdoor paint. After a night of drying time we attached the sections with six flat hinges and then with other three we hung it at the wall.

Once ready Matteo added a cute door latch and created a little grooving at the top of the opening, so the rain could stop there and not fall completely on the new door (in these pictures you might notice a black structure to the left and on top of the door: my mom has now a veranda there, so the door is not outside anymore).

4 Green Door 5 Green Door

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