Wedding flowers decorations

1 Sealinthefog wdding flowers

With a delay of one and a half months here comes the second part of our wedding decoration post (check the first one here). This one covers our diy flower decorations.

2 Sealinthefog wdding flowers

We decided to prepare the center pieces ourselves (I had my gorgeous bouquet made by a florist, since here is tradition for the father of the bride to give the bouquet to his daughter as a gift). We opted for something simple and that could fit well in the atmosphere of the winery. A couple of months before my dad started collecting wine boxes from his friends and various shops, and as you can see he did a great job.

4 Sealinthefog wdding flowers

Few days before the big day we went to a flower wholesaler of Padova and selected the flowers we wanted, with names, colors and amounts. We then gave our long list to a friend whom we asked to buy them. This way we were able to chose exactly what we liked and save a lot of money. The day we decorated the avenue he delivered us the flowers, the greenery and floral sponge. Once we had decided which and how many wine boxes to use, we cut the sponge in the right shape and then, while decorating other things, we set buckets of water to make the sponge soak up as much water as possible. Once ready we started preparing the centerpieces, by inserting the wet sponge in the boxes with some underlying cellophane and then just sticking in the cut flowers.

All the centerpieces included white hydrangea, orange or red roses, yellow and orange gerbera daisies and of course baby’s breath. In addition to the “normal” centerpieces we also made one for our table with baby’s breath and red roses (stunning!) and a big box with only hydrangea to set in between our chairs during the wedding ceremony.

We didn’t exactly plan how to do the centerpieces but just followed our instinct, and the result was quite cute!

3 Sealinthefog wdding flowers 5 Sealinthefog wdding flowers 6 Sealinthefog wdding flowers 7 Sealinthefog wdding flowers

P.s: we didn’t worry about refrigerating the centerpieces, since they were staying in a cool place all night, and the guests that took them home at the end of day told us that they lasted really long.

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