The 3 green must-see sites in Jerusalem

2 Sealinthefog Mount Of Olives Cementery

For our Jerusalem must-see series here comes the third and last post (check our previous ones here and here). This time we are sharing the three green spots that you should not to miss!

First: Mount of Olives
The Mount of Olive has a few things to see, which are mostly visited by Christian pilgrims. The most striking thing is surely the Russian Orthodox Church with its golden domes. Once you are up there take some time to walk through the old cemetery, visit the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of The Agony, and remember to have a look at the old city right in front of you.

3 Sealinthefog Mount Of Olives

6 Sealinthefog Mount Of Olives Zechariah Tomb and Tomb of Sons Of Hezir and Absalom Tomb

3000 years old cemetery’s landscape (with Zechariah tomb, the tomb of the Sons Of Hezir and Absalom tomb)

4 Sealinthefog Mount Of Olives Russian Orthodox Church Maria Magdalena

Russian Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Free admission – Opening hours: Tue-Thu 10 am-4 pm

5 Sealinthefog Mount Of Olives The Garden of Gethsemane Church of The Agony

The Garden of Gethsemane and the 1924’s Church of The Agony (Church of All Nations)
Free admission – Opening hours: 8.30-11.30 am/2.30-4.00 pm

Second: the First Station and HaMesila park
A couple of months we wrote a post on the bars and restaurants open on Shabbat, and we included the old railway station of Jerusalem. The First Station isn’t just about bars and restaurant but it shares some of its history with the visitors through the old photos around the station, the rails on the floor, and thanks to the new HaMelisa Park that developes along the railway line (you can also rent a bike to ride on the parks bicycle path).

P.S. Jerusalem has a lot of cycling trails: visit the Jaffa Gate’s tourist office and get a map with all the options.

8 Sealinthefog The First Station Jerusalem 7 Sealinthefog The First Station Jerusalem 9 Sealinthefog The First Station Jerusalem

Third: the Valley of the Cross
In the middle of new Jerusalem there is the Gan Sacher Park, the biggest park of the city, where you can walk, run and spend some time in the nature. On the south end of Gan Sacher you can also visit the Monastery of the Cross, built on the spot where supposedly grew the tree used for Jesus Christ Cross. The monastery, now belonging to the Greek Church, is very curious since it is built in various and different architectural styles.

Opening hours:
Summer 10 am-10 pm
Winter 10 am-1.30 pm (Closed on Sunday)
Entrance 15 NIS

10 Sealinthe Fog Monastery of the Cross 12 Sealinthe Fog Monastery of the Cross 11 Sealinthe Fog Monastery of the Cross

Of course these are just some of the green places that you can find in Jerusalem, but they are the ones easily accessible to everybody through public transportation or a short walk, and they also have a little history, which, as you might have noticed, is something we always look for!

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