The 7 must-see in Jerusalem New City

7 Sealinthefog Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem

As we promised, here comes the second post on the must-sees in Jerusalem (you can see the first one here). This time we’re sharing the 7 places that one shouldn’t miss when walking in the streets of the New City.

First: the Ethiopian Consulate and the Ethiopian Church
At number 38-40 of HaNevi’im St. or Street of the Prophets you can find the Ethiopian Consulate, constructed by Empress Zewditu I of Ethiopia in 1928. This is the only representative building of African architecture in Jerusalem.

Going up on the same HaNevi’im St. towards the city center, take Ethiopia St. on the right side: here there is the 1882’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church. The church, with a circular shape, has a very interesting decoration. Remeber to the take your shoes off before entering the building and to give a little offer before leaving.

Open everyday – free admission

1 Sealinthefog Ethiopian Church Jerusalem

2 Sealinthefog Ethiopian Consulate Jerusalem

Second: Machane Yehuda Market
Twice a week we go shopping to Machane Yehuda Market, it’s a great place, the world of the foodies: fresh and non-fresh food, restaurants and bars!

The market is divided in three sections. Between Agripas St. and HaTapuach St. there is the more tourist part: although you can actually find everything from souvenirs to clothes to housewares, I would suggest you to visit especially the sweets shops: baklavas, poppy seeds cakes and knafeh are absolutely unmissable. At the beginning of Eliyahu Banai St, entering from Eiz HaChaim St, there is the best cheese and olives seller of the market, with very good prices and first class food.
The second zone is the Georgian market, between HaTapuach St. and Jaffa Road. Here there are always some vegetables deals, good fresh and frozen fish, and the best bread stand at the beginning of Eitz HaChaim on the left-hand side.
The third zone is the Iraqi market, on left side of the Georgian market. You can enter in it from Machane Yehuda St. through Pri Eitz St. or through a little covered walkway towards the beginning of Machane Yehudah St. There you’ll find the best vegetables (and prices) of the entire market.
In the Iraqi market there are many restaurant and you must try Azura (Opening hours: Sun-Thu 9 am-4 pm Fri 8.30 am-4.30 pm), in HaE’shkol St., our favorite restaurant: the best Turkish beef sofrito in town.

Machane Yehuda Market
Download Machane Yehuda Market’s Map

3 Sealinthefog Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem 4 Sealinthefog Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem 5 Sealinthefog Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem

Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

Third: Meah She’arim
Meah She’arim is the ultra-orthodox neighborhood. You should just have a walk there, trying not to bother its residents, which do not like being photographed. Remember to dress modestly, especially girls: no trousers, just long skirts, and shirts with long sleeves. You can get to the area from Jaffa Road, walking on Natan Strauss St.. Once at the intersection with Mea Shearim St. and Malkei Israel St., you may take one of these two streets and then just enter a bit more in the actual neighborhood on the Southern side of them.

8 Sealinthefog Mea Shearim Jerusalem

Fourth: the Montefiore windmill
Between King David St. and Blumfield St. there is an old flour windmill erected in 1857. A part from the windmill, which is cute to see, the best part is the view of the Old City.

10 Sealinthefog Montefiore Windmill Jerusalem

11 Sealinthefog Montefiore Windmill View Jerusalem

Fifth: the Russian Compound
Known as “New Jerusalem”, this area is one of the oldest districts in the city. It’s East of Jaffa Road and it includes the Russian Cathedral (Opening hours: Tue-Sun Untill 1 pm) former pilgrims hostels now government buildings and the Underground Prison Museum.

12 Sealinthefog Russian Compound Jerusalem

Sixth: St. George Cathedral
In East Jerusalem, at the end of Salah e-Din St., you’ll almost find yourself in Oxford. Just enter the garden of St. George Anglican Cathedral built in 1899 and, a part from the heat and the deep blue sky, your imagination will take far away from the city.

13 Sealinthefog St. George Cathedral Jerusalem

Seventh: YMCA
The view from the YMCA’s tower is our last must-see. The building in itself is very nice and they organize some interesting events. Once there you can reach the top of the tower with an elevator and see the city all around.

Adults 10 NIS – Opening hours: Sun-Thu 8 am-8 pm/Fri-Sat 8 am-5 pm – King David St. 26

14 Sealinthefog YMCA Jerusalem

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