Our wedding decorations

1 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

I shared with you a lot of our wedding-related posts almost a year ago, but I just realized that we didn’t actually share a picture of the decorated avenue nor did we share the decoration of it. So here comes the first post (of two).

Wedding Venue - Cantina Bernardi

This was the venue: Cantina Bernardi, a winery on the hillside of Padova. This old stone house has a really big porch, open to a beautiful garden: the perfect location for a wedding.

As you can see from the two pictures above, we had two areas for our guests: the aperitif in the garden under the white gazebos (this had been set up by the great catering service Cose Belle Maestrello) and the actual lunch in the porch that we decorated ourself the day before.

3 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations 4 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

The porch itself is very simple, with old winery utensils and big wooden barrels. We first arranged the tables, with different sizes and disposition. We didn’t decide a seating chart, so we just wanted to be sure to have enough seats for everybody.

Then it was time for the guys to give to the place a bit of character and make it more “us”: Matteo’s grandparents had a huge amount of old Christmas lights in the attic, so the day before we tried them and took with us some strings. Matteo and two friends hung them from nails and objects on the walls of the porch.

2 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

5 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations 6 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

In the meantime the girls and I had to prepare a little decoration for the chairs. the catering brought some simple thonet chairs, with the option of dressing them with a white cover. We didn’t want to use the covers, because we wanted to keep a simpler and more rustic look, so we decided to add to the top of the chairs a bow made of white tulle and some kind of straw strings (I’m sure this is not the right name but I actually do not no it, not even in Italian).

8 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations 9 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations 10 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

We had really ugly tables but we weren’t worried about them since they were going to be covered by the tablecoths brought by the catering. Anyway we did some cute decorations for them as well: burlap runners that my aunt had bought for me in rolls ready to cut, flower decorations (that I will share in another post) and little hearts that we cut with a heart shaped punch from the leftovers of our wedding invitations. Of these we actually had loads: Matteo designed them and we ordered them online and they made a mistake in the number and sent us a huge pack. Since we didn’t want to throw them away, we figured a nice way to use them, by spreading them on the tables: the kids and also many adults had fun playing with them and we later received a sweet present from our friends made with them!

13 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

Wedding decorations

11 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

So this is how we turned a simple rustic porch in a romantic wedding avenue!

Next up: flower decorations.

P.s: my mom made also these paper cones for the guests to throw us rice outside the cityhall. We bought some fun decorative paper and sticky paper at Tiger Shop in Madrid. She then folded the paper and attached a heart made of sticky paper to keep the cones closed. They came out really cute!

P.p.s: I am sure the people of the cityhall didn’t actually appreciate the amount of rise our friends and family threw us at the door of the building: I later found some grains in my underwear. We still have that sticky paper: as you might remember I used it in the same way in some seasoning bags we prepared as Christmas presents. And my heart shaped punch has been a great purchase: I have been using it every since for many thing (like this), just because I love hearts!

14 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations 15 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations 16 Sealinthefog wdding Decorations

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