Homemade bagels

6 sealinthefog bagel bread recipe

As you probably know, Matteo worked as a cook in Madrid. But what you don’t know is that he actually worked in Pizza shop for about two years. So he has quite a good hand with preparing dough, rising times and creating yummy stuff from simple ingredients. So he decided he wanted to try to make homemade bagels!

1 sealinthefog bagel bread recipe

The recipe is quite simple, it just requires a bit of time. And if you give it a try I’m sure you’ll love them!

Just remember the the recipe is in grams, but you can easily find a converter online.

Ingredients (for 12 bagels):

250 gr manitoba flour
200 gr “00” flour (superfine flour)
8 gr salt
15 gr fresh yeast
225 gr whole milk
5 gr white sugar
8 gr (1 tea spoon) malt
25 gr butter
1 egg (M size)


2 large bowls
Baking sheets
A large pot
A couple of baking trays
Cooking tweezers


1) Pour the two type of flour in one bowl and mix
2) In the second bowl pour room-temperature milk, sugar, yeast and malt and mix well
3) Combine the ingredients of the two bowls and knead adding the egg
4) Add salt and butter
5) Knead until smooth and set the covered bowl aside to make it rise. The perfect rising requires 2 1/2 hours at 22ºC

2 sealinthefog bagel bread recipe

6) Divide the dough in 12 little balls and pierce and rotate the dough to create a hole
7) Leave the bagels rise for other 30 minutes

3 sealinthefog bagel bread recipe

8) Drop the raw bagels in boiling water with malt for 10-15 seconds.
We really suggest you doing this passage in two, since it has to be quick to not overcook the bagels and to drop one bagel at the time, so they don’t touch. (Sorry we don’t have a picture of this, but the previous picture shows the bagels already boiled)
9) Set the bagels on baking pans with baking sheets
10) If you wish, add toppings, like sesame.
We had black and white sesame, so we used both: they gave a really nice touch.
11) Cook in preheated oven at 220ºC for 20-25 minutes.
It is best to cook the bagels in a humidity controlled oven. For those who do not have it, like us, just set a glass tray with water on the bottom of the oven and be sure that the water doesn’t dry up.

5 sealinthefog bagel bread recipe

We tried the recipe once and since it came out so nice we decided to do it again. The second time we double the doses and made 24 bagels, that we then freezed. Also after freezing and defreezing in the microwave they were really good!

With the same recipe we also made this braided bread, just skipping the boling part.

7 sealinthefog bagel bread recipe


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