The 5 must-see in Jerusalem Old City

7 Sealinthefog 2 Al-Quds and Dome of The Rock

We have been living in Jerusalem for almost four months now and we have visited the city as much as possible. There are many things to see, so we have planned a series of posts of the must-see in different parts of the city, especially usefull for those who come here for just a short time and don’t want to miss the best.

So here come the 5 must-see of the Old City!

First: view from the roof of the Austrian Hospice
The hustle for the many stairs is worth it once you get to the top. Just sit on the roof and enjoy the breathtaking view!
And before leaving the Austrian Hospice remember to have a coffee and enjoy it in the relaxing garden of the “Viennese Cafè” on first floor.

Austrian Hospice
Free admission – Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am-10 pm – Via Dolorosa 37 (Old Jerusalem)
(Ring the bell to enter)

1 Sealinthefog View from Austrian Hospice

Second: the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque
The majesty of this place and the peace that spreads in the veins is indescribable. I believe it gives a sort of addiction: I could spend hours sitting under a tree and observing the different groups of muslims, praying, eating, discussing, studying, playing.

If you are already wandering in the Old City you can enter through the Western Wall. The entrance is between the Western Wall and the Dung Gate.
For Muslims there are various entrances directly in the Old City. Non-muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque and the Dome of the Rock but are allowed to enter in the area and see it closer.
Remeber to get there an hour before closure, take your passport or ID and wear modest clothes. If there are clashes the Israeli police denies entry to visitors.

Dome Of The Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque
Free admission – Opening hours:  Sun-Thu 7.30-11.00 am/1.30-2.30 pm (Close on Friday for non-muslims) – Dung Gate (Old Jerusalem)

2 Sealinthefog 2 Al-Quds and Dome of The Rock 3 Sealinthefog 2 Al-Quds and Dome of The Rock 4 Sealinthefog 2 Al-Quds and Dome of The Rock 5 Sealinthefog 2 Al-Quds and Dome of The Rock 6 Sealinthefog 2 Al-Quds and Dome of The Rock

Third: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is always full of Christian groups coming from every corner of the world. Most of the times it is noisy.
Try to reach the church entering from Beit Habad St. and passing through the churches of different confessions and you’ll understand why so many pilgrims come to this city. And visit it in early morning or late night: it will reveal its true and original spiritual face.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Opening hours:
Summer Sun 5 am-8 pm/Mon-Sat 5 am-9 pm
Winter Mon-Sun 4 am-7 pm
Free admission – Main entrance St.Helena St./Secondary entrance from Beit Habad St. (Old Jerusalem)

8 Sealinthefog Church of the Holy Sepulchre 9 Sealinthefog Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Fourth: Jerusalem’s roofs
Have a walk on the roofs of Jerusalem: enjoy the sunset and the sun reflecting its last rays on the white houses of the city and on the many domes.

Enter the Old City from Jaffa Gate, take David St. untill St.Mark St. on the right, straight on on David St. again and take the iron stairs in front of you. If you cross the roofs you can descend on Al-Halediya St.

Always open/Free admission

10 Sealinthefog Church of the Holy Sepulchre

11 Sealinthefog Jerusalem Roofs

Fifth: the Western Wall
Visit the Western Wall: the holiest place for Jews. Listen to their prayers and watch them celebrate, commemorate, cry, invoke.

Remeber to wear modest clothes and men have to wear a kippa, bring your passport/ID. On Shabbat (from Friday evening to Saturady evening) it is forbidden to take pictures and to disturb the worshippers.

Western Wall
Free admission – Open 24 hs. – El Wadi Hagai St./HaKotel St./Dung Gate (Old Jerusalem)

12 Sealinthefog Western Wall

If you’re not in hurry, sixth: ramparts walk
You can see Jerusalem’s landscapes, walk like cats on walls and roofs of the city.
It is not recommended to people suffering vertigo and remember to bring a hat and water. Purchase the tickests near the tourist office in Jaffa Gate.

Ramparts Walk
Adults 16 NIS/Kids 8 NIS – Opening hours: Sat-Thu 9 am-4 pm/Fri 9 am-2 pm – Jaffa Gate (Old Jerusalem)

13 Sealinthefog Ramparts Walk Jerusalem 14 Sealinthefog Ramparts Walk Jerusalem 15 Sealinthefog Ramparts Walk Jerusalem 16 Sealinthefog Ramparts Walk Jerusalem 17 Sealinthefog Ramparts Walk Jerusalem

PS: the hours and prices might change, so we suggest you to contact the tourist office.

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