A hearted jewel box

sealingthefog moppe ikea hack 3

This is a little and easy craft project that I made as a Christmas gift for my sister, but that could actually work for any present or for any kind of house fun organization item.My sister has a lot of jewellery, like necklaces and earrings, so I thought that she needed and would appreciate a jewel box. I wanted something versatile and that I could customize and make it more of her taste.

The Ikea Moppe chest of drawers is just perfect: basic shape, full of space, untreated wood.

sealingthefog moppe ikea hack 1

I first painted it plain white. I left the inside of the chest and of the drawers unpainted, because I like the contrast. I use a simple brush and some leftover paint I had.

sealingthefog moppe ikea hack 2

Once all the surfaces were dried, I wanted to make it more personal. I cut some paper with my heart shaped punch and traced a heart on six of the twelve drawers. I then filled the shapes with some solid red acrylic paint.

sealingthefog moppe ikea hack 5

This is a really simple craft but I think it came out really cute.

sealingthefog moppe ikea hack 4

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