An updated floor lamp

1 sealinthefog 80s brass lamp

Matteo’s father had a brass floor lamp: it needed an update. We thought that the finish was actually fine and the lamp was actually in really good conditions, it probably needed a light polish. 2 sealinthefog 80s brass lamp

It was actually very 90’s style and it didn’t fit anymore with a more modern and light furniture.

So we disassembled it completely, clean really well all the parts and decided to spray paint it matte black. We painted almost the complete lamp, a part from the base, which is a kind of black rough stone, and the inner reflecting part.

3 sealinthefog 80s brass lamp

4 sealinthefog 80s brass lamp

We did a couple of really fine coats.

The most problematic part was the dimmer switch part: hand sanding the rectangular part produced some very visible scratches on the aluminium surface and the switch itself was impossible to sand. Luckily a friend has a small sandblaster and in five minutes it shined again. We also sprayed it with some transparent top coat.

7 sealinthefog 80s brass lamp

After a couple of days of complete drying and curing time, we assembled it back together. I think it came out pretty well: the total black look with a little silvery shine!

8 sealinthefog 80s brass lamp

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