Our vintage Willer bike turned yellow!

sealingthefog yellow bike 2

You might remember one of the bikes Matteo restored: it was a 70’s Willer bicycle. As you check on the old post he did quite a few things to make it shine, but he tried maintaining its vintage classical look. But then, when we decided to move again we couldn’t keep that bike as well (in addition to mine and his), we decided to sell it.

sealingthefog yellow bike 5

We thought it was perfect that way, with its rusty feel, but selling it like that wasn’t going to be that easy. After a few attempts my husband opted to make it more buyer-friendly.

So again he dismantled it completely. This time he sanded the frame really well, while protecting the chrome parts which were already threatened the first time he restored the bike.

sealingthefog yellow bike 4

Once the frame was ready, we decided to make it a bit more hipster kind of bike, like the famous big hit fixies. So we needed a bright color, that would fit with the black and chrome details: yellow!

After painting and drying time, Matteo reassembled the parts. He didn’t actually make it a fixed gear bike: the bike had a really good shifter and derailleur and the fixed gear is not comfortable for everybody.

sealingthefog yellow bike 6

He also opted to eliminate the fenders and the gear case. He changed the handlebars with another vintage one, just slightly bigger and with a different inclination that the older one.

I think it came out really nice and it sold really quick, so probably painting it bright yellow was the right decision!

sealingthefog yellow bike 3

sealingthefog yellow bike 1

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