A DIYed Camera Bag


You might have seen on sealinthefog’s Instagram that for Christmas I received a really nice present: a new a Panasonic Lumix GX1 camera! After these first two months of use, and especially after the first pictures taken here in Jerusalem, I have to say I’m in love!It’s light, it’s small, I can just toss it in my bag whenever I’m planning to see new places. And it takes great pictures, at least for my amateurish skills.

Before being the proud owner of my Lumix I used to take pictures with a simple point&shot camera, and in the right days I would use my mom’s old analog camera. It’s an old Asahi Pentax from 1980 or 1981. It’s a really nice camera and while living in Madrid I started using it every once in awhile. I also bought a second hand zoom, since the standard 50 mm one that my mom had didn’t give me a lot of options. Just so you get an idea of the pictures I could actually take, here is an example [apart from the first picture, the rest of this posts pictures were taken with my old compact camera]. I really like their colors and grain.

Asahi Pentax shot 1

The problem with this camera and all its parts (lens, flash and films) was its weight and the space it would take in my bag. Then I saw this review post on See Kate Sew and I immediately wanted to buy a JoTotes Bag. Before “swiping” my credit card I decided I should actually wait and see how often I was going to use my vintage camera. So I had to find a temporary solution to transport and protect the camera while carrying it around.



I had a simple brown fake-leather shoulder bag that was sitting in my wardrobe so I decided to give it a try. I traced on a sort of padding fabric (I don’t know its name but I guess it’s the one you would use for a carnival costume) 3 shapes: a long strip that would rap the bottom and sides of the bag and 2 semicircular forms for the back and front parts.


I then unsewed the bottom seam of the lining, flipped this one inside out and tried the pieces of padding. After a couple of attempts to get the right size, I was able to sew the 3 pieces together.



As you see from the pictures I didn’t actually sew them all the way around, I attached them with a little seam in the centre just to be sure they would stay in place. I then placed the padding in the bag, sewed back the lining, flipped it in and the bag was ready.


Then I moved to the outside. The bag was fine but I wasn’t very fond of its look, especially since this bag is (or maybe was) very common in Madrid. So I had to modify it slightly. So I bought two lace flowers and attached them with leather glue to the flap.


So there I had my newish DIY camera bag!

P.s: Once the lace appliqués were attached I realized they were very white, so I tried to make them blend a bit more to the brown color of the bag: I stained them with tea with the help of a little brush. And the result is great! I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of how it looks now, but in this moment I don’t have it with me since I couldn’t take it with me to Jerusalem, no space for that camera as well, unluckily. Anyway going back I would have dyed them in tea before applying them: just an advice for anybody willing to try this really simple DIY.

P.p.s: I still want a JoTotes Camera bag. I love them, especially with the Italian Leather Siena model and the Abby Black one. Check all their great models on their website: aren’t they just gorgeous!

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