After one month….

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After one month of disappearance I’m back to Sealinthefog. We’ve been a little busy lately. When I last shared something on the blog, it was just after the Christmas holidays. And after that…Well to say it shortly: we moved to Jerusalem!

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Yes, you read it right: in this moment I’m sitting in our room in the Holy City. Let me explain a bit.

As you probably already know from this post we moved back to Italy in December 2012 after living 3 years in Madrid. A bit more than one year later, we are on the road again. The official reason for our move is my attendance at a university course in Jerusalem. To this you can add uncountable other reasons, including our love for travelling and discovering new places.

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We have been planning this trip in the last few months, buying tickets, enrolling at university, obtaining the visa, but we didn’t want to say anything ahead of time, we wanted to be sure to actually make this. And then January flew by: we had to pack everything (again), sell some stuff, leave our rental apartment, and close all the supplies like water and gas. It was a crazy month.

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We are really proud of how we packed and “parked” all our things around our parents’ houses. This time we managed to reduce to the minimum not only the space we took up but also the thing we kept. I have to admit that it’s still a lot of stuff, but at least we know what we have (not like when we moved from Italy to Spain and we just left so many things that we actually could have sold or donated).

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And on the 1st of February, we took a flight (well, 2 flights since we had a long connection in Rome) and in the evening we were officially in Jerusalem.

I have been to Israel many times, and Matteo visited it once, so we were not worried for the move, although we were and still are pretty excited.  We had booked a hostel in the Old City for the first nights. But on the next day we started looking for an apartment: the idea is to stay here until the summer so of course we needed a place to call home. Since housing is pretty expensive here we opted for a shared flat.

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Our first days were not very nice: we couldn’t find a room, the ones we visited were horrible, and it was pretty cold. We were tired and demoralized, and frustrated. But then finally we found something: a nice apartment in the very pretty neighbourhood of Katamon, with other two flatmates. We were sold.
We couldn’t move in immediately, since there was another person in the room, so we left the big luggage (we travelled light actually, just one big suitcase and one hand luggage each) at the new apartment and went for some night at our friend’s in Tel Aviv. He offered to host us, or maybe it was more of a self invitation, but he luckily he was so sweet to keep us in his apartment for a long weekend. And on Sunday the 9th we moved in our new room.

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From there I don’t have much to tell yet, since we basically just rested from the intense first week, slowly settled in the house, get familiar with the every-day life of the city. My course began a week later, but I don’t have many classes, so we have a lot of time in between homework and study, to go out and enjoy the city and it’s amazing sky.
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p.s: we don’t know what we are going to share on the blog from now on. We still have a lot of DIY projects or stuff. So we will most likely post some of those and share some of the thing we do and see here, so you can discover this magical place with us.

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