Christmas DIY gifts


This year I thought that giving some diy gifts for Christmas would be fun, especially since last year’s diy nativity scene had a great success (check out last week’s post). So when it was time to decide what to do I checked online for inspiration: I knew I wanted to do something related to the kitchen, something useful and fun.I found a really nice post on some wood burned spoons made by Alisa Burke (check out her site). I love her idea and especially her geometric designs. The problem is that I don’t have a burning tool. I tried with a small soldering iron that my husband has, but it’s actually hard to use since you have to keep it really far from the point. And in any case I need time to acquire the right manual skills to do it properly and I most probably wouldn’t get to the amazing result of Alisa.


So after my first failure with the burning process, I checked again online and I found these gorgeous hand painted spoons from Bonnie of goinghometoroost. She has a great tutorial and her spoons are just perfect. So this was exactly the right thing to do.

I gathered my supplies: some water resistant colors, paint brushes, tape. To the wooden spoons I added a couple of other things: 3 bamboo cutting boards and a set of cheese knives.

2 3

I followed the first two steps of Bonnie’s tutorial for the spoons and the knives. As to the cutting boards I liked the striped bamboo so I decided to paint just the sides. Once everything was painted, I set a diy-drying-station outside on the terrace and left there everything for about twelve hours. I didn’t bake the objects nor did I wax the wood, since I wanted them to have all the same finish and I couldn’t put the cutting boards and the knives in the oven because of their metal parts.

4 5

7 8

Once everything was ready it was time for wrapping. I had some cute Christmas fabric that I had bought for other projects a couple of years ago, so I just sewed some simple bags that I could fold or tie, depending on what had to go in each of them. As you can see in the first picture I actually wrapped other presents with this method and I think that given the little effort required to sew these bags the effect is really great!

9 10

Since I was into sewing that day I prepared also two dishcloths with a striped white-and-green fabric for one of my aunts, to go with a few baking tools I had bought for her, and put everything in a checkered bag.

6 12

As for the tags, I bought red thick paper and printed a simple wording (Made with love – M+S) on one side. I then used a heart shape punch and a hole punch, that I already had in hand.

So here goes the second and last post on Christmas of 2013. We actually did other diy presents, but since these require some tutorials and they are not strictly Christmas-related (I’ll share them in the next posts), I guess we can considered the Christmas recap closed!

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