Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the goldest of them all?


Recently it was my sister’s birthday and searching for a present I couldn’t really find something cute and right for her. I was looking for something for her bedroom in her student’s apartment, so it had to fit well with the rest of the furniture and I wanted it to be useful as well.She lives in a huge apartment, with three male flat mates, and although she has her own bathroom I thought it would have been nice for her to be able to put make up and jewels in her room, so the perfect present was a mirror. Mirrors, at least here, are expensive: the affordable ones are mostly small or have really ugly shapes or frames. I knew I wanted two characteristics in her mirror, that would fit well in the room and that she would love: big and gold!


The best solution was looking for a big mirror with wooden frame in a thrift store. We were lucky and found a nice one, which was just perfect in size and aspect. The first thing was disassembling it: I removed the back panel and the mirror (in between the two there were a piece of paper and cardboard, I think mainly to keep the mirror firm in the frame).


I then decided to try to eliminate slightly the glossy varnish from the frame: I opted to pass the surface with a kind of deglosser, since sanding it would have been impossible, because of the corners and little bows of the wood. Once it was nice and matte I sprayed it with primer, just to be sure the color would make a good grip.

5 6

And then it was finally time for the color. We had some gold spray paint left and I started with that hoping to have enough for the frame. But of course when I had just done half of it, I run out of color. So we had to run to the store to get some new one. Unluckily the old one was really old and we couldn’t find an exact match. So once home I had to finish the rest of the frame and pass the already painted parts as well just to be sure that you couldn’t see the difference.


I left it in the garage to dry well a couple of days and then put it back together, stapling the back panel.

8 14

And just for you to see different stages of the frame and especially its big top decoration, that includes a kind of emblem, here is a before-progress-after picture of the detail (and a final result one).

11 12

p.s: my sister loved the present!

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