An Ikea clock hack + a free printable

2013-11-25 10.37.50

We wanted a clock, but the nice ones, or at least the ones I like, are of course very expensive. So we thought the right thing was a little DIY. I checked online and the easiest option was customizing an ikea clock, just like the many you find on We bought the super cheap Rusch wall clock (this one) since we were not sure of the result. We had a few possibilities: painting the frame, adding a different background, or both.

Before deciding we gently removed the plastic cover making a light pressure in three small tabs that old it in place, and the three hands. Once off, we picked the background option.

The first thing was creating a design. Travelling is a huge part of our lives so we felt it was cute to try to include it in the clock. Matteo found a nice high resolution image of the world with a light background color (check out here the original). He fitted it to the clock face, added 12 squared dots to sign the hours and 4 numbers, just to fill the space but not making it too crowded. He also thought of adding a small red airplane to the end of the secondhand. You can see it in the picture: it’s almost flying about Russia!

2013-11-25 10.38.26

We printed out the background, cut it and glued it. And we did the same with the tiny airplane. Since we love the outcome and hung the clock so far in both our homes in Madrid and Padova, we thought you might like to try this little DIY as well. So here you can download the printable. You’ll see that there are 4 airplane contours: since it’s really small it might not come out well at the first cut, so you can just try again.

P.s: we used the same method to DIY another clock for some friends, as a personalized gift for their new business. They opened a gorgeous garage where they conceive and give birth to great custom motorcycles. We used their logo, NorthEastCustom, both as a light background and highlighted on the right side of the clock. And on the left side we added a literal (although not perfect in English, it has a nice and cute effect read by an Italian!) translation of a dialectical quote: “the sun eats the hours”. This is a typical saying of the area of Padova which encourages to hurry since time is shorter than it seems. This is how the design came out.

orologio nec copia

Don’t forget to check their work here and to Free PDF Rusch Ikea Clock Hack Printable [] the free printable!


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