A chest of drawers makeover


We had this hand-me-downs chest of drawers.  Although we didn’t like the color, it is a really useful and well-done piece. It was custom-built by a carpenter and essentially designed for the bathroom: the open-top part is perfect for the hair-dryer and brushes.It had this 90’s shiny aspect though and it was actually in rough condition: it had just one entire knob left (we got lost and one was broken) and quite a few scratches. Of course we had to do something with it: a fresh coat of paint!


First step was sanding it, which was quite horrible since the varnish was old and very hard to remove. I also caulked the knob holes and a little crack it had on the bottom. Once all the surfaces were smooth and chalky I just wiped the chest well with a humid cloth and it was ready for painting.



I opted to leave the internal drawer bottom in its original wood finish for two reasons: I thought it would be nice to see the difference with the rest of the chest and that part is plywood with a really lacquered finish so sanding it would have produced many scratches. So I just taped down the edges so I didn’t have to pay too much attention while painting the rest.


I chose a nice pastel blue, in a water-based paint. I first applied it to the drawers, passed to the inside of the structure and at last the outside. I used a brush for the corners and a small roller for the flat surfaces, just to get the smoothest effect as possible. After two thin coats of paint I really liked the color and its matte finish.

8 9

But I noticed immediately that the chest would get dirty really quickly and those spots wouldn’t come off with a simple wipe. A top coat of transparent varnish made a huge difference.


From the pictures it is quite hard to see the actual color but the closest to real is the first one. We haven’t added handles or knobs yet because we’re not sure if we want regular ones maybe in the same color or we prefer something more evident, ‘flashy’.


But for now we’re really happy of how it came out!

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