A thrifted tv stand and bar cabinet


When we rented our apartment in Padova we were lucky enough to find a semi-furnished one. I have to say that it was quite hard to find an empty house within our price range. I think it’s because here the renters are usually students, which of course prefer having furnished rooms. But after a good hunt we found what we were looking for: an apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen-living room, a terrace and a garage. And the only furniture was the expensive one: the kitchen with appliances and a table, and a wardrobe (and an ugly but really big bookcase for all our books). Big hit.Finally it was time to go thrift store shopping! There a few stores in our area and every now and then you find really great pieces. The first thing we found was a small cabinet: I fell in love immediately.


It’s a very low wooden piece, with rounded corners (the wood is carved in that shape), probably from the 40’s or 50’s. It must have been modified: a darker base and a darker double-side-opening drawer were added.

We had to take it home, especially since it was only 15 euros and it was the perfect size for the wall were we had to put the tv (that’s the only place where there is a tv-outlet and there is no way of taking the cable to other outlets in the same room or in others)

At first we thought of painting the base and drawer, since there a few chipped angles (like the one in the next picture). But I first gave it a little love, just to eliminate some scratches from the surface. I used a good product to clean wooden furniture and it was enough. We realized that it was perfect for us as it was with no need for a new color.


So we set it in place, added the tv trying to hide the cables on the back as much as possible, a tiffany style lamp that my dad had and no longer wanted, and a few bottles in the bottom part.


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