Long story not so short


After five months of blogging we thought it was time to introduce ourselves. So here it goes…We’re Stefania and Matteo. Italians, in our late twenties. We met in Venice, at University and we soon fell in love. We lived there (and dated) for a couple of years. It was magical, just like the city.

After 3 years of Venice for me and 2 for Matteo we decided it was time to leave that city and to move in together. We found a tiny apartment just for the two of us in Padova. Apart from our ordinary lives, I was attending my MA in Jewish Studies and Matteo was involved in the music scene of the city and DJing, we started doing a few projects together. These were just small things, like cutting and painting shelves, making curtains or sofa covers, low-budget stuff that we could easily do and that would make our apartment our home. And then Matteo bought an old Vespa, and since he is a great mechanic and he worked for many years as mechanic for boats and for cars, he restored it completely [check out this post]. And after that I bought an old car, a Fiat 500, and Matteo restored that one as well [check out this series of posts we did describing the process]. And in both projects, of course, I was mainly the helper, passing wrenches and tools.

And then, in September 2009 I was granted a fellowship for my PhD and we had to leave Padova. In one month we were settled in Madrid, Spain. The move was a bit crazy: we packed our stuff, left it at our parents’ houses and just took our clothes with us. We had never been in Madrid and we didn’t know a word of Spanish, so we moved in a shared apartment with other three guys: it was great, we made good friends and I, as the only girl of the house, was “la reina de la casa”. We didn’t have the chance to do any DIY in that period: I was busy studying and researching and Matteo started working as a cook, and we were both learning Spanish, making new friends and knowing the city.

After one year, we moved to another place: a nice apartment in the best barrio of Madrid, El Rastro. With its Sunday flea market, its narrow streets and its awesome antique and vintage stores, this neighborhood is the perfect source of inspiration for any creative mind. As renters we couldn’t actually change things in the house, but just like in our first apartment in Padova we could actually decorate our home and try to realize a few projects.

Seven years since our first kiss and after five years of living together we decided to get married. The big day was September 22nd 2012, just five months away. We were still living in Madrid, but we were getting married in Padova, so we had to organize everything with phone calls and emails. Our parents were indispensable, since they booked for us the venue, a nice winery in the hillside of Padova, and the catering service. We wanted to make it more personal as we could, so we did a lot of DIY projects: invitation, decor, entertainment [like these]. We could make a few of them in Madrid and the rest had to wait the last two weeks before our wedding, when we could go to Italy to do the final arrangements. It was a great day, with lots of laughing, food, music and love.

One week after we went back to Madrid. I got back to struggling with my dissertation and Matteo got back to work in a gorgeous restaurant. We didn’t get a real honeymoon, just a long weekend in London, but we actually didn’t mind since we love taking many trips during the year and we needed to save money for what was coming.

A couple of months later in fact we decided it was time to move back to Italy. Again in one month we had packed everything and two crazy friends of ours drove from Italy to Madrid in their “El Diablo” van (that’s how we lovingly call it), load all of our stuff and took us back home. It was December 15th. By the end of January we had rent a house, got a car and I had finished my dissertation.

2012 had been crazy and the first months of 2013 seemed really slow. We settled in our new apartment and with that came some new DIY projects, since we finally have the space and the time to accomplish them. And now, we’ll see what happens…

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