A dresser updated to DJ console


My husband’s parents had a really nice and sturdy dresser/buffet in their living room.  It was huge. Approximately 2 meters long, 50 cm deep and more than 1 meter height but its six drawers and a door on the left side of the full height of the dresser gave a great storage space (sorry I don’t have a picture of the piece has it used to be, but I think you might get an idea looking at the pictures).


After sitting for many years in their living room, my husband had it in his bedroom, that later became the guests room. When we came back from Madrid and moved to our current house Matteo decided that he really wanted that piece of furniture, especially since it’s perfect for his DJ console, his vinyls and all his music and audio stuff.

But the buffet was outdated, very ’90s, we didn’t like its finish and the idea of taking the whole structure 2 floors up with no elevator was giving me nightmares.

So we decided to reduce it: the easiest way of doing it was eliminating the left part with the door. Luckily the back was already divided in two sections, one corresponding to the door unit and a bigger one for the rest, so we just had to cut the base structure and ask a friend with a circular saw to cut the top, since we needed a really straight cut. We didn’t have the top left drawer, so we decided to have the door cut to size to fit that space.

Once everything was set I sanded and painted the base and we reassembled the structure.

3 4


And then I just did the same with the drawer fronts and the top. I painted the base with a brush, but then decided to use a roller for the other surfaces to try and get less visible strokes. As you see we opted to paint all the wood parts in a matte grey tone. Although we still don’t love the shiny black finish of the structure, we decided not to alter it since we would have probably chosen anyway black (but matte), which makes the furniture look smaller.


The process didn’t take long, although it was spread out in various months due to our works and other projects we were working on. But now the dresser is set in our guest room/office and I think it looks fantastic.


ps: the dresser has lots of storage space and we actually use it for other things, like our cameras and my sewing machine and sewing kit.

pps: sorry for the awful pictures!

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