A chandelier makeover


We have a really simple bedroom: white wardrobe, wooden bed and sidetables in a light shade, a white kneeling stool we found in Spain and refreshed with some DIY [check out this post], long white curtains. So we needed color!We have a small dresser that we are upgrading that will give a real pop of color to the room, but we’ll keep you posted on this. So in the meantime we wanted a nice eye-catching light fixture.

We couldn’t find anything that we loved whitin our price range but in one of our trips to a local thrift store we found what we were looking for: a brass chandelier.


We took it home for 9 euros and it was time for a quick update. Since it looked old enough to have outdated wiring we decided to disassemble it just to check everything up. The wiring was not bad, we just had to add a couple of screw terminals in order ot have safe connections.



We then reassembled it, covered the sockets and the wires with painters’ tape and hang it from the ceiling in our garage so we could see all the angles and have an easy access to all the parts of the chandelier.

And it was finally time for painting: a light coat of spray primer and a coat of blue spray paint with additional little touch-ups made a huge difference.

5 6

We didn’t love the black plastic sockets (that you can see in the third picture), so we tought that the solution was covering them with some sleeves, but we didn’t want to buy new ones since we were not sure of the result. So we decided to paint the old ones black and give them a try and once we slid them on we were sold.


We added five energy-saving bulbs and installed the chandelier in the bedroom and we love it, its color, its intense light, the contrast between the whites of the bedroom, the blue of the chandelier and the black of the socket sleeves!

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