A DIY wedding chalkboard menu

This was a really simple and quick project for our wedding.

We wanted our guests to know what they were going to eat at the reception, after the cocktail, but we didn’t like the idea of a paper menu on each table. So a big chlakboard menu next to the buffet table was the perfect solution.

We just cut a rectagle from the plywood we had used to make the cupcake stand (check the post here) and painted it black. We actually didn’t use chalkboard paint, but simple black acrylic paint we had in hand, since we didn’t want to buy it nor had we time to make it and we tought that in case we want to use the board again we’ll just paint over it.

On the day before the wedding my husband-to-be and his best man screwed it on a painting easel (my husband’s mom is an artist). Since I have a horrible handwriting, it was my american maid of honor who wrote down the menu with a white sharpie paint marker. And that was it, another DIY wedding project.

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