DIY cake topper

As I promised last week here goes the post on our DIY cake topper.

While organizing our wedding I had seen many cake toppers and I really wanted to buy a cutomized one, like the beatifull ones you can get on Etsy. At the same time I loved the idea of DIYing one. 

After long searching on the web, I hadn’t found the right tutorial, and moreover the ones I liked were either made of wood or polymer clay. But I didn’t want to use neither of them: I cannot carve wood and I couldn’t bake the polymer clay since we didn’t have an oven. Luckily my husband-to-be had the solution: balsa wood, which is a very light and easy-to-shape wood used in modeling.

From a small thin board (1 x 0,10 m = 39” x 3,9”) of balsa wood I was able to make a base and, after gluing together three layers of it, the two little figures. As you can see in the pictures I shaped two little balls for the heads and two cone-shaped pieces as bodies. I also added a thiny ball as the bride’s chignon. I mainly used wood carving utensils and sand paper to give a final rounded shape. I then included two wood plugs between the bodies and the heads for more stability and glued everything.

It was finally time to add all the details, so I first sketched everything with a pencil and then painted the base and the figures with tempera.

And there it is: our little DIY wedding cake topper!!!

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