A DIY wedding cupcake stand

Among all the diy we did for our wedding there was also a cupcake stand. The gorgeous and delicious cupcakes made by Elisa, the fantastic owner of Come d’incanto [check out here website], needed something to be served on and to shine! .

We wanted something not too fancy and possibly not to expensive: thus the decision to make our own cupcake stand. Luckily we had most of the material we needed: plywood, wooden plank and PVC pipe, white paint and white contact paper, a threaded bar and a couple of bolts.

First step was getting the right dimensions of each circle. Our decision was based on the size of the plywood we already had: the biggest and lowest circle is approximately 50 cm (20”) in diameter and the smallest and highest is 18 cm (7,5”), the other circles differ about 8 cm (3”) from one another. We added a square base to the bottom tire (you barely see it the first picture) made with four wooden planks, just to give a little height and balance. Next we cutted four 10 cm (4”) sections of the orange PVC pipe.

Before assembling everything we sanded and painted the circles in white and we covered the PVC pipe with contact paper. We used the threaded bar as an axis, passing through the center of each circle and screwed it with a bolt at each end. Since the edges were not perfect, we decided to add white ribbon just to give a more finished and ‘professional’ look (this was the only thing we had to buy for this project).

On the big day the colorful cupcakes and the thiny top sacher cake looked perfect on the white stand!

ps: Elisa made our macaroons as well: heavenly!

pps: the cake topper was also diyed, I’ll post about it next week!

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