A restored 26” Willer bicycle

We bought a really cool bicycle in a thrift store: it’s a Willer from the 70’s. It was in a good shape, especially the frame and the rims. We decided we wanted to give it a fresh look, mantaining its vintage aspect.
The orange-y color was original, the chrome parts showed, under the dirt, their potentiality and the shifter and derailleur were great. So Matteo dissasembled it completely, made the chrome shine again whit a little elbow-grease and lightly sanded the entire frame.
He then painted black the bottom parts of the mudguards and carter, just to be sure that the light rust won’t ruin the rest of the bicycle. And then used a shiny transparent varnish to cover all the frame.

He replaced all the old and ruined parts: cables and cable housings, bottom bracket axle, brakes, chain, tires.

Once it was time to put it back together we tought it would be nice to try and strengthen its vintage look and what better solution than making it more an old racing bicycle!



So he eliminated the front and rear reflectors and their wires and added racing pedals, a vintage “Selle Royal” seat and old racing handlebars with their old levers and stem (with new black tape for a better grip).

10 We love the result: the bicycle is just perfect to us!


2 thoughts on “A restored 26” Willer bicycle

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