A magazine rack

Since my dad is a sommelier (for a hobby) Matteo and I have learnt in the last years to appreciate good wine. We have really different tastes, although we do coincide in loving Franciacorta, a white sparkling wine produced in the homonym Italian area. This was actually the main wine we served at our wedding.

Anyway, in our apartment in Madrid we wanted to have a little reserve of bottles for dinners with friends or for nice occasions. We had bought the Vurm wine-rack at Ikea, for three bottle of red wine: little, with a metal finish, that you could hang on the wall.  When we moved back to Italy, it was left unused, since my dad gave us a bigger rack that would hold six bottles, including the wider ones, like Franciacorta or Prosecco (another very common sparkling wine from the area of Treviso, used mainly for aperitifs). So we decided we either wanted to give it away or to change its use.

And we went for the second option, making it a laying magazine rack. Since it would sit on top of the laundry machine in the small bathroom, we wanted it to fit better with the rest, thus we gave it a little transformation. We just sanded it slightly with very fine grit paper, primed it with spray primer and sprayed it matte black.

A really simple hack but a great result!

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