A bright metal box

A bright metal box

We don’t have a lot of space in our kitchen cabinets, so we bought three top units from the basic kitchen furniture from Ikea and made a cupboard out the three with a little hack.

A bright metal box

Since we didn’t want the kitchen to feel too crowded we decided to close only the bottom part and one of the top units with doors, thus leaving the rest open. We put the microwave there and few other things, like a basket with breakfast food and the many small coffee cups, which every Italian family has.

We actually don’t use them that often, since we love taking coffee in big cups, thus we didn’t want them to get dusty all the times. So we just opted to put them in a box.

A bright metal box

I had an old Hello Kitty pink and black and stars metal box (a bit kitschy) that had the perfect height for the top shelf. So as usual we just sanded it and painted it in a new refreshing teal color.

A bright metal box


And in the cupboard it went, holding our coffee cups and little shot glasses.

P.s.: as you can see from the second picture the cupboard required a really simple hack. We just set 4 legs holding one single big unit with its doors and on top two different size units, just one completed with a door.

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