Wedding heart-sign

Wedding heart-sign When preparing our wedding decorations, we thought of creating a few signs to hang around the venue. We took inspiration from our wedding invitations, designed by Matteo a couple of months before. DIY wedding invitation As you can see the invitation were simple, but we wanted something fun and sweet, and this design was the one we liked more (to the invitations we also added a save-the-date magnet, so our guests could easily remember our wedding date!). Our first sign was a copy of the heart on the invitation. Wedding heart-sign We started with a very large and light piece of plywood, where we traced a heart-shape and then cut it with a jigsaw. We then sanded the surface we were going to use. Wedding heart-sign Once the heart was ready, I reproduced on some paper the “s+m” of the invitation and cut out the letters. I traced them on the wood and then painted them with a brush and bright red acrylic paint. On the day before our wedding, when decorating the venue, we hung the heart sign with some white cord to a column, welcoming the guests! Wedding heart-sign Wedding heart-sign

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