An old teacher’s desk

An Old Teacher's Desk

The other day some friends were changing their office furniture and of course we couldn’t say no to an old desk.

An Old Teacher's Desk

The metal structure was perfect: big and sturdy, it just needed some love and a new house. We sprayed it with two thin coats of matte black and let it dry and cure for a couple of days.

An Old Teacher's Desk

Meanwhile we prepared a new worktop. Matteo’s dad had a couple of old wooden planks, that were in great conditions. We asked a friend to cut one of them with a circular saw, in order to get a straight and perfect cut. We then sanded it and varnished it in transparent matte finish. We used a foam roll and applied three thin coats. We wanted to make it smooth and easily wipeable.

Once both parts were cured, we fixed the top to the structure with some screws (the structure has 3 holes on the long sides and 2 on the short ones, in order to attach it to the top).

We love it and I think it’s one of those timeless pieces.

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